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12 Years of experience in all aspects of medical billing

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Medical Billing Services includes the following:-

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Eligibility Verification

To check Eligibility and verification of patient’s health benefits from insurance carrier’s website and through Phone.
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Demographics & Charge Entry

Full patient demographics and charge entry into EHR
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Claim submission & Follow up

Insurance claims submission to correct payer. Accounts receivable analysis with corrective and preventive actions and decision making for Collections
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Payment Posting

Paper EOBs and Electronic ERAs posting into EHR for corresponding claims.

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Grow your business with Easycare

Hundreds of satisfied customers are already getting more revenue for their practice and improved their monthly cashflow

Welcome to Easycare Billing Services, your premier medical billing and coding partner committed to excellence and efficiency in the healthcare industry. With a strong focus on accuracy, compliance, and customer satisfaction, we take pride in being a trusted ally for healthcare providers across the nation.


Our Mission

At Easycare Billing Services, our mission is to simplify the complexities of medical billing and coding, enabling healthcare providers to focus on what they do best – providing exceptional patient care. We aim to maximize revenue, streamline administrative processes, and ensure seamless reimbursement, ultimately enhancing the financial health of our clients.


Our Expert Team

Our success is built upon the expertise and dedication of our skilled team. We have a talented group of certified medical billing and coding professionals who possess in-depth knowledge of the latest industry regulations and best practices. Their proficiency ensures accurate coding, timely claim submission, and reduced denials, optimizing revenue cycles for our valued clients.


Unparalleled Accuracy and Compliance

We understand that accurate medical billing and coding are crucial to the financial well-being of healthcare providers. That’s why we leave no room for error. Our team meticulously reviews every claim, adhering to strict compliance standards and industry guidelines. This commitment to accuracy minimizes the risk of audit-related issues and helps our clients maintain a pristine reputation within the healthcare community.


Personalized Solutions

At Easycare Billing Services, we believe that each healthcare provider is unique, and their billing needs may vary. That’s why we offer personalized solutions tailored to match the specific requirements of each client. Our dedicated account managers work closely with our clients to understand their practice, optimize workflows, and provide customized reporting to keep them informed every step of the way.


Leading-Edge Technology

We leverage state-of-the-art medical billing and coding software to enhance efficiency and transparency. Our advanced technology allows for seamless integration with electronic health records (EHR) systems and real-time access to vital financial data. Through our secure client portal, healthcare providers can monitor their practice’s financial performance, track claims, and review payment statuses at their convenience.


Focus on Customer Experience

At Easycare Billing Services, our clients are at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to delivering top-notch customer service and building long-lasting partnerships. Our responsive customer support team is readily available to address any questions or concerns, providing the peace of mind that comes with knowing we are always there to support our clients.


Comprehensive Services

Our comprehensive range of medical billing and coding services includes:


Claims submission and follow-up

Insurance verification and authorization

Patient billing and payment processing

Denial management and appeals

Coding audits and compliance reviews

Revenue cycle management

Trusted Industry Partner

We have earned a reputation as a trusted industry partner, serving a diverse clientele of medical practices, clinics, hospitals, and healthcare organizations. Our commitment to excellence and dedication to client success have led to countless success stories and testimonials from satisfied healthcare providers.


Experience the Easycare Billing Services Difference

If you are looking for a reliable and efficient medical billing and coding company, look no further than Easycare Billing Services. Experience the difference of working with a team that values accuracy, compliance, and exceptional customer service. Let us take care of your billing needs so that you can focus on providing the best possible care to your patients.


Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation and learn how Easycare Billing Services can elevate your practice’s financial health and operational efficiency. Together, we can build a brighter future for your healthcare organization.


Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation and learn how Easycare Billing Services can elevate your practice’s financial health and operational efficiency. Together, we can build a brighter future for your healthcare organization.

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Medical Coding
  1. To research the right DX and CPT code according to medical records
  2. Provide right DX pointers for the first time to avoid payment delays
  3. Suggest appropriate modifier via Encoder pro Expert licensed version
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